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The Skin You're In - And The Spirit Within

Alexandra Smith

As a working mother, I put on a plethora of hats.  If you’re looking for versatility, I’m crushing that game.  I hold conference calls – and crying kids, pitch media – and forts, build bridges and Lego castles, schedule meetings – and play dates, create stories and read them, chase opportunity and toddlers, write news releases and color ninja turtles. That’s in a day.  Boom. 

A new client I’m working on got me thinking about all I do that shapes my world.  The skin I’m in feels so unique, but is the same for so many working mothers around the world.  We’re busy, there’s a lot on our plates, a lot of people counting on us, and so many needs to be met. 

The one factor that should unite us – is taking care of ourselves

Yes, we have got to start taking more consideration of our own needs and desires.    I’ve seen women get lost in the monotony of motherhood, as it is one of the highest forms of selfless service. 

Serving our own passions and desires is not the antithesis of motherhood.  It’s one of the many balancing acts that is crucial for happiness.  It’s vital our children see us hustlin’, living, dreaming and doing.

Seasons of life change but we remain through them.  We have to grow through what we go through – and that requires passion.  If you’re not feeling it, FIND it.  To start, take one moment each day just for you.  Go on a walk.  Read a book.  Exercise.  Eat some dark chocolate.  Remember a vacation.  Call a friend.  We all have something on our list of mood enhancers.

Instant trick:  get some sunshine on your face!  (Shameless plug for my client that fueled this post – protect and preserve your skin with sunscreen in that sunshine!)  All of us need protection – your skin and your spirit.  Protect the skin you’re in and the passions within. 

Chase dreams and the sun –

you are deserving of all of it. 

That's what she said; a mom

Alexandra Smith

This is hopefully the first of many blog posts for 2017.  My entire career I've focused on relevancy for companies and brands, and this topic has never been more relevant for me personally, than now. 

I am a mother who is looking to re-enter the workforce.  Yes, a late thirty-something that wants another fulfilling position where I can use my expertise and grow professionally.  I've taken the last five years off; that's more than a stint, that's eons in today's marketplace.  Some swagger is missing.  Why?  I'm trying to decide if society has made me feel that being a suburban mother is end game for women who desire careers, or is this fear something I created myself?

Suburban mothers are driving the economy and society.  We make major decisions, purchases, and raise future citizens.  Talk about experience!  Why aren't more companies looking for these strong women to come back to their organizations?  Some are, smart woman run organizations are hiring stay at home moms, but not enough. 

I don't want to have a blog where I share unrealistic daily life or any outfit of the day #OOTD to other women.  I want other women to know more than what I wore #wiw, I want them to know what I think #wit!  In fact, I want to know what all women think about; as I know it is more than a grocery list or pinterest boards. 

Last year didn't end the way anyone imagined despite expectations or beliefs.  Regardless of where we stand politically or otherwise, I want to know more about what women think on political and social matters.  That is what I want this blog to be about.  Women that have something to say - not just me, but anyone who wants to speak HER mind.  The world needs to hear WOMEN continue to SPEAK UPWE ARE RELEVANT.   I'll start posting content that's less about unattainable lifestyles or images, and more about current reality.  Women will continue to shape the world, so let's shake it as well. 

Welcome to the blog for women who want to say more.  The WLOG. #wit on the #wlog