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Specials Of The House er... Hive  -  SLC Food & Restaurant Panel

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Specials Of The House er... Hive - SLC Food & Restaurant Panel

Alexandra Smith

Church & State is putting it all on the table with a Salt Lake City centric FOOD & RESTAURANT PANEL with specials of the house/hive – Pago, Laziz Kitchen, Tradition, Chip Cookies, and Caputo’s Deli


AUG 13

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Food concepts like farm to table, communal dining, comfort food, and cowboy cooking are trends Salt Lake culinary consumers can digest. When you talk plant-based proteins, ‘fine-casual’, uncommon herbs, the 4th meal, transparency, and um… functional mushrooms, we may need a course on changes to the menu.

Join some of the finest foodies our city has to offer as they discuss their businesses, food concept/approach, culinary creativity, menu layout, and commitment to Salt Lake City’s cuisine scene. 

Go beyond the influence of Instagram when you pick a dish, and learn how these Utah foodies pioneer some of the country’s most palatable plates.  Savor all the delicious food tips right around brunch/brinner time!