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Co-Working Crowds

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Co-Working Crowds

Alexandra Smith

Business is booming in Utah and as spaces and places pop up across the Wasatch Front (and back) to hang your professional hat, it becomes crucial for co-working ventures to differentiate themselves with more than amenities.  A beautiful view, ergonomic chairs, high-speed Wi-Fi, and a friendly barista become expected; what’s unexpected is professional development and mentorship for your business.

Users of popular co-working sites are often bootstrapping entrepreneurs, focusing on the build.  They find themselves doing the work of an entire team from accounting to marketing.  They need more than a cup of Joe; they need courses on fundraising, coding, and industry law. 

Church & State is a co-working space with just that purpose - building up business start-ups here in Utah.  From their monthly Munch & Mingle luncheons, speaker series, mentor network, and premiere business boot camp – The Academy; the C&S co-working space stands out among the crowd.

So find your place in Utah’s burgeoning co-working spaces, with comprehensive business opportunity at Church & State.

Utah’s job growth is twice the nation’s rate, and we’re creating co-work places with standing or sitting room to spare.