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LURE PR does more than attract attention to your brand; we identify listeners, engage them, and always have something worth saying.  Let us empower you to communicate with purpose, consistency, and clarity in this very crowded marketplace.


Real Authenticity - Tell A Story

A Blog By Women

Real Authenticity - Tell A Story

Alexandra Smith

Filters and Photoshop - making reality a bit less real.  Blogging blew up over the last decade as new voices told stories; authentic stories that related with our own lives.  It's changing now that we see #ad and #sponsored splashed across our screens.

I'm wondering, is it less appealing to the follower when they know there was no genuine motivation for the post?  Are companies relying too much on social influence when they "gift" for a marketing plan?  For me, when I follow an influencer, I truly am intrigued by their lives and the moments they share; so I'm losing interest in their #ads.

People connect with the story behind the imagery.  When there's not much of a story, or a narrative can't be imagined; the view becomes 'stock'.  So I urge the Influencer community to choose wisely as they embark on pay for play "collaborations".  Make your sponsorships matter to you and then give us some substance behind the post.  Why did you connect with the brand? Who knew we'd have to be asking for 'REAL AUTHENTICITY'?!

When Lure PR takes on a client, we study and relate with your entire story so we can make consumer connections that matter.  We promise less filter and more feature.  Our hustle and heart sets us apart.