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Los Angeles, CA

(801) 712-9076

LURE PR does more than attract attention to your brand; we identify listeners, engage them, and always have something worth saying.  Let us empower you to communicate with purpose, consistency, and clarity in this very crowded marketplace.



Media Relations

Tactful Media Relations.

You're not exposing your Facebook friends to what you think is relevant. 

You're assisting a journalism professional in discovering a compelling and important story that makes sense for them to tell. 

We pitch stories with a purpose.  Remember you have to have something worth saying or you've wasted their time.  LURE PR will make sure your company and products are presented with professionalism and an end goal in mind.  We don't pitch for pitch's sake. 

They're listening now, but for how long? 

We'll keep it up. Consistent media dialogue and relationship building is part of LURE PR's repertoire.  With us, stay relevant.  

Savvy Media Training.

So we got you an interview... Ready?  Don't go into an incredible opportunity not knowing what or how to say it.  LURE PR creates exposure for you when you're prepared. 

Trust us - lights, camera, action! is a lot different than a bunch of your employees in a break room.