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Los Angeles, CA

(801) 712-9076

LURE PR does more than attract attention to your brand; we identify listeners, engage them, and always have something worth saying.  Let us empower you to communicate with purpose, consistency, and clarity in this very crowded marketplace.



Brand Positioning

It looks cool, but what does it mean?

Perception is everything. And if you don’t effectively communicate how you want to be perceived by current and potential customers, suppliers, employees, and investors, as well as the public at large, then chances are you’ll soon be regretting your actions, or lack of them.
— PR Grand-pappi Edward Bernays

To create brand advocates,
they have to get passionate

They may like what they see, but do they get what you say? Your image AND your MESSAGE is what makes up your consumer's brand experience. Speak directly to them.

Too many times, companies rely on an impressive new logo, some patterns and a photo shoot to create brand substance.  It's not enough.  

Brand CORE:  Who you are, what you do, and why it's important.

So simple right?  Ask five folks in your organization and see how consistent the answers are.  Especially the management team.

Okay you did that. 


Call LURE PR.  Get a fundamental positioning platform which will launch all your marketing initiatives.